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The Periurban Initiative is an open network of researchers, policymakers, bloggers and community activists interested in understanding the dynamics of change outside the borders of cities in the 21st century. Its mission is to use this understanding to develop interventions for sustainability.

About Periurban Initiative

Promoting sustainable development in the periurban areas around the Globe

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Circular Economy

How can repair culture become a sustainable pathway for circular economy?

Water Governance

How well do we know our waters, and their importance in connecting Periurban-urban-rural linkages?

Urban Sustainability

How does various Adaptive Governance in the Periurban link together for a Sustainable Urbanisation?

Agro Ecology

What are the possible pathways for a city to grow its own produce and become self food-sustainable?


Our Blog

Linking to Reality: A Journey on Wheels to Sriperumbudur

On a rainy day in May this year, I took a 120 km round trip by cycle from IIT Madras Campus to Sriperumbudur. The journey enlightened me with loads of new perspectives and impressions about the site.

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Where is my Water?

As part of the project work in Sriperumbudur peri-urban interface, we conducted a few pilot surveys on basic amenities in Irungattukottai village in Sriperumbudur Taluk.

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