Namma-Neer is an initiative to highlight, explore and investigate the inescapable role of water in its myriad forms and scapes.

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Cultural Map

A fun and creative aesthetic that highlights the waterscapes of the city.

Know your Water

To inform, to engage and to develop a more nuanced and richer understanding of Chennai’s waterscapes.

Spatial understanding

GIS layers allow users to interact with different layers such as waterbodies and urbanisation and help understand different sets of information.

Water Data

Stories from each of the sites to provide not just a richer understanding of different stakeholders and forces at play but how they constitute different types of uses (instrumental, symbolic, sentimental, territorial, etc.).

Collaborative Ideation

This project has tried to leverage learnings and methods used in other ongoing projects of IGCS such as the ‘Pericene’ and coastal adaptation projects.


Intended to be a fun, creative map that seeks to engage, inform and challenge the user with new stories and perspectives from the ground.


To explore different kinds of interactivity by creating an album of images and recordings from three distinct water ecosystems (we call them ‘watersites’) and demonstrate the complex interactions and contestations between different entities.


Bringing together tools from both the ‘scientific’, objective side and the qualitative, subjective side which are intended to complement each other to inform, to engage and to develop a more nuanced and richer understanding of Chennai’s waterscapes.


Read through some of the blogs that narattes the stories around water and Waterscapes of Chennai.

Where is my Water

As part of the project work in Sriperumbudur peri-urban interface, we conducted a few pilot surveys on basic amenities in Irungattukottai village in Sriperumbudur Taluk.

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A Visit to Manimangalam Tank

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Water Song


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