An Intelligent Marketplace to facilitate formal suplly chain between various stakeholders for Waste Electrical and Electronic Eqiupment componenet.

A Periurban Initiative

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An online platform that endeavours to act as a facilitator between various stakeholders in the e-waste reverse logistics supply chain



Some of the major problems that have gone unaddressed are the leakages due to lack of proper supply chain in reuse/recycle markets. Currently, e-waste recycling activities that take place at the beginning of the recycling chain (e.g., collection, repair, refurbishment, dismantling, segregation) are carried out predominantly in the informal sector and they remain disconnected with the formal sector.



An online platform that acts as an Information repository for Used electronic and electrical equipment (UEEE) and Waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE) including standalone electronic components(EC), that is open and accessible.

Repair Culture

How e-Source tries to solve the repair problem

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Focus on Future

Map Dynamics

Develop intelligence around modeling the market dynamics in real-time, and aid policymakers in addressing the roadblocks in the reverse logistics value chain.

Youth Entreprenuership

Enabling efficient knowledge transfer to leverage entreprenuership ventures among the Youth.


Develop targeted outreach campaigns to bridge the knowledge gap for all users, especially informal actors, on the use of a digital platform and the benefits of the platform.

Policy Advocacy

Pushing to mandate Right to Repair policy.

Connecting Recyclers

Opening doors for more collaboration.

Peer to Peer Learning

Partner with government entities such as the Greater Chennai Corporation and other industry brands to address this transition effort by creating awareness and informational programs.


The Core team working behind e-Source now.Reach out to us.

Sudhir Chella Rajan

Professor, Faculty Lead, e-Source

Jagan Srivatsan

Senior Project Officer, Founder, e-Source

Rishika Reddy

Co-Founder, e-Source

Tarun Philip

Co-Founder, e-Source