How we envisioned e-Source

e-Source effectively facilitates the reverse logistics supply chain of e-waste by forging connections between various sellers and buyers of e-waste.

E-waste Enlisting

A seller can list waste or used electronic equipment or components along with necessary detail.

E-waste Bidding

A buyer can browse for the listed components and place a bid or offer for various products.

Refined searches

Search can be refined according to quantity, price, categories, location, seller.

Collaboration control

The admin coordinates with other collaborators including government institutions.

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e-Source Process Flow

e-Source deploys a detection system that uses a combination of image processing and natural language processing techniques to extract product information and upload it to the database.  (Accuracy is crucial for promoting successful online trading).

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Self certification

Self-certification through prescribed standard protocols for various devices. (E.g., EU standards).

Strict Data adherance protocol

Mandated adherence to Data erasure protocols (including degaussing and wiping) of personally identifiable information (PII), especially IT and telecommunication equipment.


Robust and automated open-source security management plan, to protect against security and other open-source risks, and enforce open-source use policies that are efficient and economical.


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