What e-Source aims to do?

e-Source, aims to be an online platform that endeavours to act as a facilitator between various stakeholders in the e-waste reverse logistics supply chain.


Connect buyers and sellers of e-waste seamlessly online.


Provide self certification tools for users.

Data Protection

Data Protection of Data stored.

Knowledge Resource

Create knowledge library of repair, re-use videos, standard operating procedure.

Advanced AI

Image recognition based product detection system for accurate indexing of database.


Provide search tools for procuring dysfunctional parts.


Create Open source platform that collaborates with all stake-holders and propel circular economy.

Peer to Peer Learning

Create space for Peer to Peer repair learnings.

e-Source Vision Statement

 Create an intelligent transparent trading platform that helps people look at End of Life products as a key resource that drives circular economy forward rather than as a waste that they need to get rid of.

1 Tons of e-waste TO track
1 e-waste RECYCLERS to connect
1 landfills to reduce
1 Hours to save in finding spare parts

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