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Master’s students theses/ Bachelor’s students theses/ short-term research:

Chloe Hill, Master’s student of University of Freiburg completed her thesis on  “Social Resilience with Respect to Rapid Urbanisation: A comparative study of employment groups within peri-urban Chennai” under the supervision of Prof SC Rajan, Prof Christoph Woiwode of IIT Madras and Dr Kirstein Hackenbroch of University Freiburg.  The study principally aims to qualitatively assess the social resilience of three defined, occasionally coinciding employment groups: small business owners, agricultural labourers and small landowners. Semi-structured interviews focusing on coping, adaptive and transformative capacities were conducted on the selected employment groups within two municipalities of peri -urban Chennai, namely Molachur and Santhavelur.

Robert John, student in M.Sc. in “Environmental Governance” at the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg, completed a research project on the topic of sustainable governance of water resources in urban fringes within the Sriperumbudur area. Robert John investigated the governance mechanism and power relations between different actors active in the field of peri-urban water management, under the supervision of Dr. Kirsten Hackenbroch from the university of Freiburg, Prof. Dr. Christoph Woiwode, visiting Professor at IITM and Prof Chella Rajan.

Tobias Kuttler, a Master’s student in Urban and Regional Planning at TU Berlin, was involved in the emerging cross-disciplinary research project of the IGCS about sustainable peri-urban development in Chennai. The objective of his research is to understand the driving forces of urbanization in Chennai’s peri-urban region Sriperumbudur, a highly dynamic industrial area along the Chennai-Bangalore Highway. As the availability of suitable land is one of the crucial factors for peri-urban industrialization, the first focus is to study the process of land conversion from agricultural to industrial and commercial use. The motivations of farmers to dispose of their land, as well as the forces and constraints that agricultural production faces in metropolitan Chennai are analyzed in his fieldwork. Assuming that peri-urban.

Luise Haufe, Master’s student of Urban Ecology (Urban Ecosystem Sciences) at the Institute of Ecology at TU Berlin is writing her thesis on “Regional Centres in South India: water management in medium-sized towns” under supervision of Prof. S. Chella Rajan and IGCS Visiting Prof’s. Christoph Woiwode and Franziska Steinbruch. In her master thesis she aims to point out how regional centres can provide institutional, social and economic infrastructure for their regions (taluks) if they are supported by a state and national policy which targets a balanced urban development and furthers the qualitative development of towns and their rural regions. On a larger scale the urbanisation pressure for metropolises such as Chennai can be lowered to make their growth manageable in a sustainable way if a grid of smaller regional centres was supported. The focus of the master thesis is on water infrastructure, i.e. fresh water distribution as well as waste water management.

Louisa van den Bosch, student of  International Cultural and Business Studies at University of Passau, has completed her bachelor thesis on “change processes in cultural heritage and local identity due to rapid urbanisation in peri-urban Chennai” supervised by Prof. Sudhir Chella Rajan and IGCS Visiting Professor Christoph Woiwode. The thesis aims to find out about the mutual influence of change processes and migration, industrialisation and religion. Furthermore she delves into exploring the impact of these on local identity and the residents of Sriperumbudur town and Nemili village.

Henrik Otte currently studies in the Masters Programme “Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)” at the Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics at the University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany. A cooperation of the IGCS and the Center for Development Research (ZEF), Bonn, Germany laid the foundation for his internship at IGCS/IIT Madras. During his stay at IGCS (January – March 2016) he contributed to the ongoing peri-urban research project of his supervisors Prof. S. Chella Rajan and IGCS visiting Prof. Christoph Woiwode.